Johnson County Historical Commission History
Johnson County Historical Commission was established in 1976. Dan Leech was the founder along with a handfull of Cleburne residents.The JCHC monthly meetings cover a variety of topics relating to the conservation of the County's historic resources and promotion of civic historical awareness. All meetings are open to the public.

County Historical Commissions are authorized by the Texas Legislature for the purpose of & quoting, initiating, and conducting programs for the preservation of the historical heritage of the county; Appointed by Commissioners Court for 2-year terms, historical commissioners operate under their own by-laws but in close association with the Texas Historical Commission in Austin. 

Johnson County is located in north central Texas on the southwestern edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Cleburne, the county seat, is fifty-five miles southwest of downtown Dallas and twenty-nine miles south ofdowntown Fort Worth. Johnson County comprises 740 square miles with three geographical areas.Citys included in Johnson County are :
Alvarado, Burleson, Cleburne, Godley,Grandview, Joshua, Keene , Rio Vista and Venus  

The oldest settlements in Johnson County were in the east. The site of Alvarado was settled in 1851, and the town was platted in 1853. Grandview (originally two words), founded around 1860, was the second community established. In 1890 the population of the two was 1,342 and 713. The early county seats, Wardville and Buchanan, no longer exist. Both Joshua and Burleson were established as depots in 1882. The town of Keene grew up around the college. Other communities in the county include Rio Vista, south of Cleburne, and Godley, to the northwest.

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